WDIV/Detroit News poll: Michigan voters disapprove of Trump, but don't support impeachment

Michigan voters support Mueller investigation

President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump. (Getty Images via CNN)

DETROIT – Michigan voters continue to disapprove of President Donald Trump, but don't yet support impeachment hearings, according to a new WDIV/Detroit News poll.

The poll asked Michigan voters how they feel about President Trump, along with other topics. Here are some of the findings:

How Michiganders view President Trump 

Voters view Donald Trump unfavorably by a margin of 37.0 percent favorable to 56.6 percent unfavorable. These numbers remain unchanged from January 2018.   

  • Men view Trump unfavorably by a margin of 40.1 percent-50.7 percent.  
  • Women view Trump unfavorably by a whopping margin of 34.1 percent-62.1 percent.   

But while voters view Trump unfavorably, voters disapprove of the job he is doing by a margin of 44.3 percent approve to 51.1 percent disapprove.   

  • While 25.5 percent strongly approve of Donald Trump’s performance, 44.2 percent strongly disapprove of Trump’s performance.
  • While President Trump’s favorable/unfavorable has remain unchanged, his job approval has climbed from 39.5 percent to 44.3 percent since January 2018 – an improvement of 4.8 percent points.   

Voters were asked if President Trump’s performance would or would not be a major factor in how they vote this November.  67.9 percent of voters said President Trump WOULD play a major factor in how they voted this November.

Other notable findings related to President Trump:

  • Trade sanctions: Voters were asked if they support or oppose President Trump’s imposition of trade sanctions on other countries. By a margin of 40.8 percent-50.0 percent, Michigan voters oppose the trade sanctions .
    • While 26.5 percent strongly support the sanctions, 38.2 percent strongly oppose the sanctions.
    • Republicans are now the state’s strongest advocates of trade sanctions.
  • Mueller investigation: By a margin of 62.7 percent-31.3 percent, Michigan voters support the Mueller investigation – 46.4 percent of Michigan voters strongly support the Mueller investigation.
    • 51.3 percent say the Mueller investigation is fair. 31.9 percent say the investigation is rigged. 16.9 percent do not know.
    • Voters who get their primary news from FOX disproportionately believe the Mueller investigation is rigged.
  • Impeachment hearings: By a margin of 40.8 percent-49.1 percent, Michigan voters oppose impeachment hearings against President Trump. But 40.8 percent of voters now support impeachment hearings.
    • Independent voters are opposed to impeachment hearings by a margin of 33.5 percent support to 49.6 percent opposed.
  • Kavanaugh appointment: By a margin of 36.3 percent-38.8 percent, Michigan voters are statistically split on the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.   24.8 percent of voters remain undecided.

Is America on the right track?

By a margin of 38.2 percent right – 48.2 percent wrong, Michigan voters believe the nation is on the wrong track by a 10-point margin.   

  • Independent voters believe the nation is on the wrong track by a margin of 28.5 percent right track/ 46.3 percent wrong track.  
  • 78 percent of Republican voters believe the nation is on the right track.   80.0 percent of Democratic voters believe Michigan is on the wrong track.    
  • In January 2018, voters said the nation was on the wrong track by a margin of 33 percent-54 percent.

Poll methodology: 

The Glengariff Group, Inc. conducted a Michigan statewide survey of November 2018 likely general election voters. The 600 sample, live operator telephone survey was conducted on September 5-7, 2018 and has a margin of error of +/-4.0 percent with a 95 percent level of confidence. 64.0 percent of respondents were contacted via landline telephone. 36.0 percent of respondents were contacted via cell phone telephone.  This survey was commissioned by WDIV Local 4 and the Detroit News.   

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