Michigan is one of the best states to be a tipped worker, report says

DETROIT – Michigan is apparently one of the best tipping states in America, according to a new report.

TSheets ranked all 50 states from best to worst based on two main factors: 

  • The generosity of residents leaving a tip.
  • A state’s minimum wage for tipped employees.

The states with the highest minimum wage and most generous tippers ranked higher on the list. Those with the lowest minimum wage and least generous tippers ranked lower.

Connecticut comes out on top with an average tip rate of 18.58% and a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour. At the other end is Wyoming with an average tip rate of 15.91% and a minimum wage of $2.13.

But if you just look at how much people leave as a tip — and exclude the minimum wage data — Maine wins with an average of 19.36% per tip.

Michigan ranked as No. 10 for best with a tip rate of 18.03 percent. Just south, Ohio ranked No. 13 and Indiana ranked No. 30.

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