Where Michigan ranks for food among all 50 states, according to Thrillist

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Where does Michigan rank among states with the best food in the country?

Thrillist published a list ranking all 50 states by their food. Michigan ranked near the top, which is no surprise to Michiganders.

No. 11: Michigan

It's weirdly the original home of the coney hot dog, enormous pasties, and the currently hot, always-square Detroit-style pizza, not to mention the fact that Mitten-born Little Caesars and Domino's more or less defined American takeout pizza as we know it.

The Detroit Metro area also has a massive wealth of Polish, Greek, and Middle Eastern food, while Traverse City and Grand Rapids are fast becoming food destinations unto themselves (the Yoopers have it low-key going on too). BBQ and soul food, too, are plentiful in the lower half of the state.

Additional points for the state's farmers market cred, and for its wealth of fish fries and venison chili. Minus points for losing your appetite when you see a shi*load of deer splattered on the road en route to actually eat that chili.

The top ranked states were Texas, California, New York and Louisiana. The worst state? West Virginia. 

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