Stars stump for Michigan Senate candidate John James in Pontiac

Thousands show support

PONTIAC, Mich. – John James is the underdog in the race for Senate, but thousands came out to rally for him in Pontiac.

Among those showing their support for James were Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Donald Trump Jr.

Top ticket Michigan Republicans also came out, but it was Nugent who really kicked things off.

“Well, well, well, well, it’s real Michigan. The sh-t-kicker capital of America,” Nugent said.

Trump Jr. also showed support.

“You can have John James or (Sen.) Debbie Stabenow. Now, Debbie, she’s done nothing,” Trump said, with the crowd roaring, “nothing," in response.

Kid Rock performed a song and introduced James.

James spoke about his faith, family and his time in the military and why he thinks voters should choose him over Stabenow.

“We have to represent folks who have different opinions than us, and that’s what we’re not getting out of Debbie Stabenow. She wants to represent the Democratic Party, I’m saying she needs to represent Michiganders, she needs to represent us,” James said.

WATCH: Michigan Senate candidates Stabenow, James debate

A WDIV/Detroit News poll showed Stabenow, a Democrat who was first elected to the Senate in 2000, leading James by a margin of 52.7 percent to 34.7 percent -- an 18-point lead.

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