Record voter turnout expected on Election Day in Michigan and across the country

Surge in absentee ballots reported

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – As always, turnout is going to be critical on Election Day. 

Democrats are hoping for a surge, but historically, haven't had a great turnout in midterm elections.  

Which is why Gretchen Whitmer has been stumping for the entire ticket. Republicans come into Election Day with a fight on their hands as Democrats see an opportunity to take the top of the ticket, flip congressional seats and take the state house. 

And today's turnout could be record setting.  

"Absentees are through the roof and way ahead of where they were in 2014 so if we have that type of enthusiasm at the ballot box, we will break a record tomorrow," said Dennis Darnoi, political strategist.

In fact, local clerks spent most of the day Monday handing out and collecting absentee ballots.  

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