Michigan Lame Duck: Gov. Snyder hasn't decided if he'll sign controversial GOP bills

DETROIT – Gov. Rick Snyder says he hasn’t decided if he’ll sign or reject controversial bills from the Republican Legislature in the days before Democrats get control of major statewide offices in Michigan.

Snyder, a Republican, appeared on WDIV-TV’s “Flashpoint” show Sunday. He says, “I’m not going to sign anything that I don’t believe is good for the people of Michigan.”

Snyder promised to conduct a “nerd-like” review of what could be more than 200 bills from the Legislature. He declined to tip his hand, saying: “I’m not a great interview.”

Republican lawmakers want to take campaign finance oversight away from the next secretary of state, a Democrat. Other bills would delay an increase in the state’s minimum wage and exempt some businesses from offering paid sick leave.