Michigan ranked fourth best state for beer


Michigan is one of the best states for beer in America -- but we already knew that.

With new breweries popping up seemingly every month, Michigan has established itself as one of the go-to beer making states in America.

Thrillist released their list of the best states for beer last week and Michigan ranked in the top five, coming in at No. 4.

Here's what Thrillist wrote about Michigan:

Michigan has at least two great beer towns in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo -- both of which are rooted in legends (Founders and Bell's, respectively) that laid the groundwork for others to thrive -- but the beauty of Michigan is the fact that basically any section of the enormous state is housing some of the best beer in the nation.

Ann Arbor-adjacent Dexter is home to the coveted bottle-conditioned madness of Jolly Pumpkin. Tiny Traverse City manages to out-beer cities five times its size. Shorts offers as good a reason to visit Bellaire as its famous lakes. Williamston's Old Nation has achieved national acclaim for its M-43 haze-bomb.

Arcadia’s finally given Battle Creek a claim to fame that isn’t cereal and yogurt enemas. Escanaba, Marquette, and Ishpeming bring serious beer cred to the isolated Upper Peninsula with Upper Hand, Blackrocks, and Cognition.

Hell, even perpetually beleaguered Flint managed to open a solid brewery in Tenacity despite the fact that the city’s in the midst of a water crisis. You can’t throw a rock in Michigan without hitting a great brewery these days. And considering throwing Petoskey stones into a big-a*s lake is one of Michigan’s favorite pastimes, that’s really saying something.

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