Macomb County-based brewery named most underrated in Michigan

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Michigan breweries are some of the best in the country -- but one is underrated, according to Thrillist.

Thrillist published a list of their most underrated breweries in every state. They previously named Founders the best brewery in Michigan. Here's their pick for most underrated:

Kuhnhenn - Warren and Clinton Township

Few breweries anywhere have managed to strike the massive growth + incredible quality balance quite as well as Founders and Bell's have over the years, so it becomes easy for other Michigan breweries to feel a touch overshadowed even if the Mitten can go toe-to-toe with any state's brewery roster.

Kuhnhenn is no spring chicken (a couple of avid homebrewing brothers started running it out of the family hardware supply shop in 1998), and a couple of years back a larger facility in Clinton Township eased some of the demand for their sought-after brews.

Breweries like Kuhnhenn -- no longer the hot new thing, but not a behemoth either -- can get lost in the shuffle sometimes, but take one sip of Fourth Dementia (aka 4D, their stellar strong ale) and you'll know they're a brewery worth keeping in your permanent rotation. -- Thrillist

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