Pure Michigan: Businesses forced to shut down this week when Hell freezes over

Hell residents head to warming center

HELL, Mich. – It's a cold day in Hell.

Actually, it's a cold week in Hell. Businesses are shut down for the next couple days and few people are venturing outside.

Wind chills have dipped well below zero, freezing the little town about 15 miles northwest of Ann Arbor. Yes, you read that right: Hell has frozen over.

"It's a brutal day in Hell. It's colder than Hell," said Jerry Duffie, a groundskeeper.

It's so cold in Hell that some residents are hopping on their snowmobiles and heading to an emergency warming center at the Hell Saloon to stay toasty during the dangerously cold weather that has a grip on Michigan.

"We have seen an influx in the last few days with the bad weather," said Erik Kauser, Hell Saloon manager.

Now that Hell has frozen over, perhaps some things we never thought would happen may actually occur? Lions Super Bowl win, anyone? 

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