Detroit Institute of Arts hosting Cat Video Festival this weekend

If you love cats, an event this weekend at the Detroit Institute of Arts is the place to be.

CatVideoFest 2019 is this weekend at the DIA. Here's the info:

Yes, it’s a first for the DFT, but as we see it, it’s about time. Exactly what the name suggests, the CatVideoFest is a hand-selected, curated collection of around 80 minutes’ worth of the most entertaining, inventive, hilarious and – dare we say it? – cutest cat videos of the year, together with some cat “classics” and a few unique videos submitted directly to festival organizers.

An underground sensation that has packed a handful of theaters for years, CatVideoFest, which sends a portion of each year’s proceeds to animal welfare organizations, is expanding its reach this year, making its debut on the DFT’s big screen with the 2019 edition. Get tickets now! (approximately 80 min.) 

“The world is depressing. Let’s watch some cat videos!”  -Most people, secretly 

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