Michigan mountain named one of best springtime destinations in America

Brockway Mountain.

It's spring in Michigan, which means things are thawing out and starting to show life again.

Thrillist just published their list of the best springtime destinations in America. One location on the list is in Michigan.

Brockway Mountain, Michigan

If your idea of a crazy spring break involves observing migrating hawks on a remote stretch of mountain road at the northern tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Brockway Mountain Drive is calling your name.

Running along the ridge of Brockway Mountain, with panoramic views of Lake Superior extending all the way to Isle Royale National Park on a clear day, this scenic road is shut in winter but comes roaring back to life in the spring for bird migratory season.

The area also boasts its fair share of spring wildflowers as well, with over 700 species, including rarities found nowhere else in the state.

Stargazing and getting away from it all are key activities here, with the biggest town along the road being the bustling metropolis of Eagle Harbor.

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