Jason Carr to Whataburger: Come to Michigan!


A year ago in June 2018, I direct-messaged Whataburger on Twitter shaming them for not being in Michigan.

They wrote back and said “Hi, Jason—no plans for Michigan yet but we can pass along the suggestion.” So earlier this week, I thought I’d try again, almost on the exact anniversary of my first DM.

And this time…

“Now that we are partnered with BDT it might be an option for us now! Thank you so much for being a fan!”

So in case you missed it, BDT is a Chicago-based firm that specializes in bankrolling family-owned businesses that want to expand but don’t want to change their quality or culture.

In this case, Whataburger gets to expand beyond Texas and the other nine states they’re in because they are suddenly flush with BDT’s cash. The news came out last Friday and the entire state of Texas freaked out because Whataburger is like their holy place.

It’s so good and so beloved only Chick-Fil-A has higher sales per store. Think about that.

And speaking of holy, I can testify that eating a Whataburger is close to a religious experience. Shake Shack is good, In-and-Out is nice, but Whataburger is everything.

Right now, the closest location to us is Fayetteville, AR. But I can promise you if the chain comes to Chicago before Detroit, I will be road tripping to the Windy City for the grand opening.

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