WATCH: Rhonda Walker talks to Michigan leaders at NAACP Convention in Detroit


DETROIT – Local 4's Rhonda Walker talked to several elected and local Michigan leaders at the NAACP Convention held in Detroit this week.

Gov. Whitmer

Whitmer talked to Local 4 about the 2020 Democratic candidates and how they need to come to Michigan not just for the debate. She also talked about not get distracted by “the tweet of the day” from the President, saying the road to the White House is through Michigan. She called out the President for his comment and called it racist, and talked about her main priorities: education, fixing the roads, clean drinking water. 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Tlaib talked about how Detroit is the birthplace for a lot of movements. She responded to the latest Trump tweets attacking her. She also responded to how overwhelming all of this news coverage on her has been and talked about “the squad."

Sen. Debbie Stabenow

Stabenow called out the President for his tweets and talked about how she believes the White House needs to pit people against each other to make themselves successful. She also talked about “the squad,” and says while she doesn’t agree with them on everything politically, she supports them. 

Rep. Brenda Lawrence

Lawrence talked about the importance for African Americans to vote, commented on the President’s comments, and commented on the Mueller Report.

Reverend Dr. Wendall Anthony

Anthony talks about why Detroit is so important and how the city is coming back. He also talked about the U.S. Census and why it matters for Detroit. 

Dr. Benjamin Chavis

Chavis said America is great but has a huge problem with racial divide, adding "we need to bring race to the forefront when there’s not controversy or tragedy."