White Claw has more Michigan competition: Short's Brewing Co. releases hard seltzer

Brewery's tropical seltzer available at limited locations

Short's Brewing Co. released Tropical Seltzer. (Photo: Short's)

BELLAIRE, Mich. – Another Michigan brewery is going beyond beer after a jump in hard seltzer popularity this summer.

Short's Brewing Co. released Tropical Seltzer, a hard seltzer water that includes mango, citrus and tropical fruit flavors.

The brewery said the seltzer will be available at limited locations in the state. Find Short's products here.

Another Michigan brewery, Detroit-based Atwater, recently debuted its own hard seltzer.

Our Tropical Seltzer is now on tap at limited locations around the state. This Hard Seltzer with tropical flavors from...

Posted by Short's Brewing Company on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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