Mackinac Bridge will stop accepting tokens in September

Mackinac Bridge on June 4, 2018 -- mackinacbridge.org
Mackinac Bridge on June 4, 2018 -- mackinacbridge.org

If you have Mackinac Bridge tokens, now is the time to use them.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority announced Tuesday that due to dwindling demand, tokens will no longer be accepted at toll lanes starting on Sept. 10, 2019.

The MBA said while tokens have long been part of the Mackinac Bridge crossing experience, very few have been redeemed for tolls in recent years. 

"We currently only see two or three customers use tokens to pay the toll each day, and we only sell a few of our commemorative token sets," said MBA Executive Secretary Kim Nowack. "Most customers still pay tolls with cash, MacPass cards, and increasingly with credit cards."

You can still buy tokens, if you'd like to purcahse them for kepsakes.

"We encourage customers to either use their remaining tokens over the next few weeks, redeem them later at the bridge office, or hold on to them as the collectors' items they will become," Nowack said.

Here's a photo of a token from the Detroit News:

And another version from MLive:

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