Michigan congresswoman to introduce legislation that prevents bias in facial recognition software

Facial recognition technology creating concern among civil rights advocates

Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence. (WDIV)

MICHIGAN – Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, of Michigan's 14th Congressional District, plans on introducing legislation that would help prevent bias in facial recognition software. 

"I understand there is a need to ensure that our communities and neighborhoods are safe. However, we must not act hastily and take the proper precautions to prevent any violations of the rights of our citizens," said Lawrence.

"Currently, there are no federal regulations that actively govern the use of the facial recognition software. On the heels of my visit to the Real Time Crime Center, I find it essential that I introduce legislation that will implement a federal review of this technology. My bill will require the government to evaluate the technology for bias concerns and review best training and hiring practices to ensure this tool remains race neutral."

Facial recognition technology is quickly being embraced around the country as a way to reduce crime. 

Lawrence added that because the technology will be used in the future it is important to make sure it is being used fairly. 


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