World's tallest, longest, fastest dive roller coaster is just 4-hour drive from Detroit

If you're brave enough to ride the world's fastest dive roller coaster, good news: it's only a four-hour drive from the Detroit area.

The Yukon Striker, a new dive roller coaster opening at Canada's Wonderland this year, will be the fastest dive coaster on Earth when it opens.

Riders will experience Yukon Striker’s journey at a height of 223 feet above the wilderness, and a 90-degree drop, 245 feet down into an underwater mining shaft.

With speeds reaching 80 mph, soar through four dynamic inversions, including a complete 360-degree loop.

From Detroit, the drive is between three hours and 45 minutes to four hours. That's a drive to Chicago.

Here are some other features of the Yukon Striker:

The trains are floorless and seating is stadium-style

With no floor on this coaster’s train, you’ve got nothing beneath your dangling legs but track and open air! And the stadium-style seating means that each of the three rows is situated a little higher than the one before it. This gives riders an unparalleled view out over the park and looking down that massive drop.

The train pauses just before the dive

As if the height and drop weren’t intimidating enough, Yukon Striker is going to hold riders just over the summit. For three whole seconds (it’ll feel like forever!) you’ll be pitched forward staring down that drop before the brakes release.

You’ll dive 90 degrees down into an underwater tunnel

Image a straight line from the sky to the ground. No slight angle or slope. Yukon Striker offers an unforgiving 90-degree dive, 75 metres into a tunnel built in the middle of Vortex lake! It’s the highest drop for a dive coaster in the world. 

It’s the only dive coaster with a loop

Get ready for a unique experience, doing a complete 360-degree loop on a dive coaster, which doesn’t currently exist anywhere else. And interesting fact, the entry and exit of these loops usually pass fairly close to each other, but because the trains on Yukon Striker are so wide, this loop needs to accommodate a larger bypass at its base.

Riders will experience zero gravity

It’s just like in space! Yukon Striker features a Zero-Gravity Roll, where the track twists 360 degrees into a barrel roll as it rises and falls in elevation, giving riders a momentary sense of weightlessness.

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