Marc Santia

Marc Santia

Marc Santia came to Local 4 in 1998 as an intern from Wayne State University, and loved it so much he has never left!

Marc has held such varied positions as production assistant, writer, special projects producer and Sky 4 reporter, and now, a Local 4 Defenders investigative reporter on Local 4 News.

Marc has covered everything from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to Red Wing victory parades in Detroit.

Being involved in a dangerous incident is something else Marc can add to his resume of WDIV positions. "We were flying over a hostage situation in Lincoln Park," he said. "The police asked for our help to find a gunman in a high rise tower. We flew close to the building and in our monitor spotted the man, who aimed his rifle and shot at us!"

Marc's favorite aspect of working at WDIV is getting to know new and interesting people every day, and he certainly sees to this. But his proudest professional claim? Working in his hometown!

Marc grew up in Roseville and graduated from Wayne State University. He loves the area and Local 4 so much that Marc and his wife chose to reside in Macomb County.

In fact, Marc is a Michigander in every sense of the word. Along with traveling and watching movies, Marc takes improvisational acting classes at The Second City Comedy Theatre.

Although born a Michigander, Marc has great pride in his Italian Heritage and even ran a marathon in Rome! 

* Favorite book: "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway
* Favorite movies: "The Godfather," "Jaws" and "Caddyshack"
* Favorite website: (Hollywood Stock Exchange)
* Favorite local restaurant: Too many to name

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