Ruth Spencer

Ruth Spencer


For 24 years you’ve watched Local 4's Ruth Spencer anchor the evening news Monday through Friday on WDIV.  First, for 13 years at 6pm with Emery King.  And more recently as the solo anchor of "First at Four" 4pm weekdays, and at 5:30 pm with Devin Scillian.      

Ruth is also WDIV’s "Ruth to the Rescue", the station’s Emmy award winning consumer investigator.  Along with Ruth’s Rescue Squad she helps viewers resolve their consumer complaints about a business, product, or service.  Ruth also warns you about scams and rip-offs and alerts you to safety recalls by the U-S Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Ruth is a California native, born in San Diego, who adored her childhood there with her brother and sister.  At the age of 10 her family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she studied ballet. Later she danced many roles with Oakland Metropolitan Ballet Company and put herself through San Francisco State University teaching at several ballet schools.  She has a BA with high honors in Broadcast Journalism from SFSU.  

Her career as an anchor and reporter eventually included the anchor  job at WDIV.  In 1992 at Cranbrook's gardens she married attorney and Detroit native Jerry Aaron.  The couple was blessed with a daughter, Amy, who aspires to be an actress.  She will earn a degree in theatre when she graduates from one of the universities to which she has applied. 

Never a dull moment at home - the family is also entertained by their Bouvier des Flanders dog "Chase", and their cat "Yoshie" who came from the Dearborn Animal Shelter.   

Ruth loves being at the seashore and is a serious collector of beautiful shells – an appreciation she developed in childhood on beach walks with her grandmother in La Jolla.  She has an eye and ear for beauty and also loves classical music, gardening, and watching animals in nature. She also has a feeling for spiritual things and believes we’re here to discover our talents, then use them to serve God, by serving others with love.  

Favorite book:  A Simple Path - by Mother Teresa

Top Five Favorite Movies:  The Wizard of Oz; The Turning Point; Funny Girl; The Elephant Man; Brave Heart

Some (but not all) of the charities Ruth supports:  Penrickton Center for Blind Children; American Heart Association; Grace Centers of Hope; Salvation Army; Stratford Music Festival; University of Michigan; Academy of the Sacred Heart; Berklee School of Music.   

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