Tati Amare

Tati Amare

Live in the D host

“Detroit just feels right… there are so many things about this town that remind me of home.”

Tati loves connecting with lifetime Detroiters and newcomers, and looks forward to exploring all of the neighboring communities. She appreciates both the classic and new flavors and cultures that make up the D!

Did you know?
-Tati is a Master 'Frugalista' (aka very frugal with style)
- LOVES to surprise her friends and family – you never know what she’s up to because she has the best poker face.
-Is a Natural Encourager – your number one cheerleader!
-Favorite Food – Mexican/Mexi-Cali (second only to my mom’s cooking)
-Originally wanted to be a school teacher.
-Her passion is mentoring at risk girls
-She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – raised in Los Angeles & NYC – got her stripes in Brooklyn

Favorite 4
Vacation: Anywhere with friends and family and preferably a beach
Book: Their Eyes Were Watching God
Movie: In Her Shoes
Song: “As” by Stevie Wonder

Tati loves cooking and "entertaining/hosting” guests while she “channels her inner Martha.”

Tati is an award-winning producer and host. She's had experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.