Smart bikes debut at Detroit Auto Show

Smart bicycle could revolutionize the way we commute


DETROIT – Flashy cars aren't the only things on wheels that can be found at the Detroit Auto Show.

This year, the Smart bicycle made its world debut at NAIAS. The thousands of attendees are getting to try it out on the showroom floor.

The Smart bicycle is a pedal/electric bike made from high-quality components. For durability, the traditional bicycle chain is replaced with a durable belt drive system that won't rust or bind up.

An LED headlight, sturdy and aerodynamic front forks, disc brakes mounted to wire rims, and high-end tires round out the bike's hardware.

The Smart bicycle can be powered by an easily-removable battery that can be charged at home or work, and a rear-mounted electric motor.

The bike can be pedaled, pedal-assisted (electric motor boosts the rider's own power), or ridden in pure electric mode.

The bicycles were first shown as a concept back in 2011.

The Mercedes Smart brand bikes aren't cheap, coming with a price tag of $2,950 apiece.

According to company officials, the bikes will initially be available in five cities -- Los Angeles, Portland, New York, Miami and "one Midwestern market" starting this spring.