Detroit auto show spokesmodels decorate floor of Cobo Center


Once the doors to Cobo Center open, auto show visitors will be bombarded with the latest and greatest in automotive innovation.

While each vehicle in Cobo brings something good to the table, it’s hard not to notice the spokesmodels and product specialists adding attractiveness to vehicles that are already easy on the eyes.

“I get to stand here in amazing clothing, talk about the vehicles and talk to nice people all day,” says Megan Agrusa, a spokes model for Fiat.

While the job may look easy, the amount of training, learning and memorization can be rather difficult.

“The training is usually three to five days,” says Kelsy Benacquisto, the National Recruitment Director for Gail & Rice. “There is some classroom style education, learning the product, brand and marketing, as well as a lot of actual hands on learning with the vehicle.”

For those who are hired as narrators, a typical script to memorize can be at least four to five pages long, some timing out to 10 minutes.

Another factor in the job is making sure you get the pose just right. Luckily, the models for Alfa Romeo were willing to lend a few tips. 

"You want to turn to the side, put your hand on your hip and stick out your back side a little."

A job that isn't for everyone, future candidates must be good with people and enjoy talking, a lot. 

"Future specialists must have strong people skills and be willing to talk to people for 8 hours a day---in heels."