Ford's stand electrifies visitors at Detroit auto show

The stand features games, shopping and more.


The stunning vehicles are certainly what stand out when you hit the floor at Cobo Center. But it's what doesn't catch your eye that's also extraordinary.

The elaborate stands the vehicles are parked on have their own story to tell.

Ford was the first brand to start setting up at Cobo.

“We like to plan and be efficient in the way we build,” said Garrett Carr, Ford’s Global Auto Show Strategy Manager.

It took three months for the Ford display to be built. And you can see why.

One hundred fourteen million individual LEDs make up one of the biggest super high-def LED screens in the world.

If you can peel your eyes away from that, you can try one of the many games and rides on display.

“We’re really trying to get the visitors involved in the stand and the show,” said Carr.

The F150 lift offers riders an up-close demonstration as to how the pro-trailer back-up assistance works by trying to steer the trailer down a road and into a garage.

Its super duty test puts visitors in the driver’s seat to test out active safety features on Ford’s vehicles.

Visitors will also have the chance to talk and interact with famous YouTube stars who will be moderating conversations every hour about what they want to see for the future of Ford

“The average person spends 45 minutes in the stand, so we want to make sure they enjoy that and it lives with them after the show.”

Click the link below to check out a time lapse video of the stand production: