Cobo Center to install observation area near living green roof, new mother nursing stations

New nursing stations expected to be ready for 2018 auto show

A living green roof at Cobo Center in Detroit. (2017)
A living green roof at Cobo Center in Detroit. (2017)

DETROIT – A new visitor observation area is being installed near the living green roof at Cobo Center in Detroit. 

That's according to convention center officials who announced Tuesday the center also will have new nursing mother stations ready in time for visitors to the 2018 North American International Auto Show. 

The visitor observation area near the living green roof, meanwhile, will be created in place of the old heliport location on the roof deck. 

"Last year, we installed honeybee hives and saw our living roof and organic herb gardens thrive," said Cobo Center General Manager Claude Molinari. "Next year, we will create an observation area, with murals and signage, overlooking the living green roof to bring our visitors more information on these features."

The 10,000 square-foot living green roof was installed at Cobo Center as part of the recent $279 million renovation. Cobo officials said it creates a natural habitat for birds and insects as well as providing insulation to cool and heat the building. Twelve varieties of sedum are planted over a waterproofing membrane with layers of root barrier and natural drainage.

Runoff rainwater is reused and distributed through the irrigation system to water the green roof.

A living roof observation area off the south fifth floor entrance to the facility from the rooftop parking structure is planned for installation in 2018. Signage, murals and other informative items will educate visitors on all of the sustainable projects they can see through the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the living green roof from that entrance.


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