Pregnant model wows visitors at NAIAS in Detroit

Product Specialist Jennifer Parmenter gets 2nd looks at Detroit auto show

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

DETROIT - There's a buzz surrounding the Smart cars at this year's auto show in Detroit, but it's not the vehicles that have people talking, it's one of the models.

I know what you're thinking, what else is new? Well, one model in particular has got a little something extra.

"The pregnant model blew us away, it's phenomenal," Christine McNaught said. "We were just walking around looking at cars and noticed her."

That's right. Product Specialist Jennifer Parmenter is 6 and 1/2 months pregnant. You don't see that every day at the auto show.

"I noticed she was pregnant, I think it's incredible," Carol Diab said.

Parmenter couldn't talk on camera with Local 4, but she told us off camera that she has a stool to sit on when she gets tired, and so far, so good!

"That's amazing," Diab said.

Diab is pregnant herself and can't believe Jennifer is on her feet all day and doing it with a smile.

"It's exhausting, I want to sit down every 10 minutes," she said. "I think she's going to be quite the super mom."

Others we talked to praised Jennifer's employer.

"Obviously whoever they have working with these cars is doing something right," Yvonne Logan said.

Pregnancy aside, Logan said it's just nice to see some women she can relate to.

"These cars are smaller than any of the others here, and they have real-sized women working, not stick people. I love it."

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