Reactions to UAW national strike against General Motors

Strike begins at 11:59 a.m. Sunday

Members of the United Auto Workers union working at General Motors agreed Saturday night to stay on the job past a midnight deadline for a new contract, but remained on the verge of a strike.
Members of the United Auto Workers union working at General Motors agreed Saturday night to stay on the job past a midnight deadline for a new contract, but remained on the verge of a strike.

DETROIT – Elected leaders and officials nationwide are reacting to the United Auto Workers national strike against General Motors.

During a media briefing Sunday morning, UAW officials announced a national strike against General Motors will begin at 11:59 p.m. Sunday. 

This is the nation's first auto strike in more than a decade. The UAW says its roughly 49,000 members will go on strike. 

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"Here we go again with General Motors and the United Auto Workers. Get together and make a deal!" -- President Donald Trump

"I support the UAW's decision to employ American workers' most serious tool to achieve a better deal. In its next contract with the UAW, GM must make as many jobs as possible permanent and full-time, ensure fair wages and good benefits for all employees, and assemble in the U.S. vehicles the company expects to sell in the U.S. 

"I know that the union does not make the decision to strike lightly. I hope the strike will be brief and a resolution is reached quickly. I am optimistic the two sides can come together on a contract that accomplishes the twin goals of justice for workers and continuing success for GM. -- Democratic Michigan Congressman Andy Levin

"We presented a strong offer that improves wages, benefits and grows U.S. jobs in substantive ways and it is disappointing that the UAW leadership has chosen to strike at midnight tonight. We have negotiated in good faith and with a sense of urgency. Our goal remains to build a strong future for our employees and our business." -- General Motors 

"UAW helped rebuild General Motors when they were near extinction, now they've reached record level profits. If GM refuses to give even an inch to help hard-working UAW members and their families then we'll see them on the picket lines tonight," -- UAW 

"I am proud to support the UAW workers who are standing up to the greed of General Motors. General Motors is not a poor company. It is a company that received a $50 billion taxpayer bailout in 2008. It is a company which, over the last 4 years, spent $25 billion buying back its own stock and paying out dividends. It is a company that made over $4 billion in profits last year, paid nothing in federal income taxes and provided a huge compensation package for its CEO. Today, our message to General Motors is a simple one: End the greed, sit down with the UAW and work out an agreement that treats your workers with the respect and the dignity they deserve." -- U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders 

"Teamsters and the UAW have a decades-long relationship of having each other's back. And that continues with the UAW's notification that it will go out on strike against General Motors at midnight. Our 1.4 million members stand in solidarity with the UAW and will honor their picket lines. 

"We laud the UAW for its work to ensure that its GM employees are treated with respect and dignity on the job. At a time when more and more companies are downsizing and shipping jobs out of the U.S., it is imperative that unions fight for their members. Workers should be rewarded for good work with fair wages and benefits. That's what the UAW is demanding." -- Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa

"A job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It's about dignity and respect. Proud to stand with UAW to demand fair wages and benefits for their members. America's workers deserve better." -- Joe Biden

"At midnight GM workers in Romulus & across #13thDistrictStrong will begin a strike for a better quality of life. Our district will be ready to wrap our arms around them and their families through this important step in a fight for human dignity. 

As your Congresswoman, I will not back down until you get what you deserve to take care of your families. The corporate assault on our communities is real and it won't stop within the halls of Congress, but on the streets, with us demanding it. Shut it down!" -- Rep. Rashida Tlaib

"Auto workers deserve good wages, comprehensive benefits, and economic security. I stand with UAW  as they strike to get what they deserve, and urge GM to come to the table and negotiate in good faith." -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren

"I stand in solidarity with my UAW sisters and brothers."  -- Abdul El-Sayed

"There is no place I would rather be than standing in solidarity with UAW workers in their fight for fair wages, healthcare, pensions and strong benefits. Through thick and thin, UAW workers have devoted themselves to building quality product. Now GM must demonstrate their commitment to the hard-working men and women who have given everything to build for GM's success. Supporting American manufacturing starts with supporting American workers. We are stronger united. It's time for both sides to sit down and work out an agreement." --  Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) 

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