UAW-GM strike leads to shortage in parts for auto mechanic shops in Metro Detroit

Setback in negotiations reported Sunday

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DETROIT – The United Auto Workers strike against General Motors is beginning to have real effects as it enters its fourth week. 

According to reports, the new Corvette Stringray will be delayed going into the market. More importantly, your car could be delayed coming home the next time it is at a mechanic shop. 

Many shop owners are talking about having to call in favors and basically beg and plead to get their hands on parts needed to fix their cars.

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Since the strike started it has been less noisy in the garage of Troy's Automotive Authority. But getting parts these days is tough because of the UAW strike. 

For Automotive Authority it could take hours and sometimes even days.

Other auto shops are having the same trouble, and a setback in negotiations over the weekend is not helping. 

The nearly 50,000 striking workers got word in a letter Sunday that GM countered a union offer with an offer that was previously rejected. 

And as the strike enters its fourth week, everyone affected can't help but worry about how long it will last. 

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