Day 29 of UAW-GM strike: Union waiting for automaker's response to counteroffer

Strike pay increased

DETROIT – The United Automobile Workers strike against General Motors has lasted for nearly a whole month.

Monday marks day 29 of the national strike. 

There has not been a response to the latest counterproposal the union sent to GM. This is not the first time a counterproposal has been offered.

The counterproposal sent a strong signal that a tentative agreement between the union and automaker is close and could happen any day. In a letter to membership Friday, the union stated that if GM accepts the proposal, they will reach a tentative agreement.

It is not clear when GM will respond to the proposal, but union officials say they will be working through the weekend.

UAW Mack Truck member strike 

The United Automobile Workers Mack Truck members went on strike at 11:59 p.m. Saturday for better pay, benefits and job protections.  

According to the union, 3,600 Mack Truck workers in three states -- Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania -- are on strike. Read more here: UAW Mack Truck members in three states on strike

On Saturday, the union announced striking GM workers will get an additional $25 a week and can now work part-time during the strike.

The UAW International Executive Board voted Saturday to increase the strike pay to $275, effective Sunday. The strike pay was set to increase Jan. 1, 2020.

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