Joining a car club

What exactly is a car club and why join one?

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Maybe you have a classic ride and just can't figure out how to fix something under the hood. Maybe you're looking to learn more about cars and want to expand your knowledge with some car experts. Or maybe you're just looking for some friends to cruise around with. Those are all good reasons to join a car club!

I talked with Rob Heinrich, president of the Downriver Wanderers Classic Car Club, to find out more about car clubs and what they're all about.

Q:  What exactly is a car club, and what is its purpose?

Heinrich: A club is a group of individuals, male and female, of all different age groups.  Its purpose is to get together, cruise together to different places, and hang out together.

Q: Why would someone want to join a car club?

Heinrich: To mingle, share ideas, troubleshoot problems with your car(s) that someone else could help you with.  Truly a good place to meet people and become friends and share some companionship.

Q: What type of people join car clubs?  Hardcore car guys?

Heinrich: People who like to join in and do things in a group – because that's what cruising is all about – get together, cruise to different places and hang together on a cruise night, just because you like sitting and chatting with friends.

Not just hardcore guys – car clubs have men and women, of all ages, who drive classic cars, (cars that are a "work in progress" up to cars that are all completely done) – cars from all different eras.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your car club.

Heinrich: The Downriver Wanderers Classic Car Club is a non-profit organization that takes pride in supporting charities and the local downriver communities.  We have been established since 1998 and have weekly cruise nights from May through September, as well as, hosting car shows for various charitable organizations in the downriver community.  We also meet, as a club, during the winter months to plan our events for the following cruise season, as well as, have a Fall Cruise and Bonfire to close out our cruise season.

On July 21, the Downriver Wanderers will be hosting a car show at the Flat Rock Elks Club. For more information about the club, make sure to visit

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