George N'Namdi

George N'Namdi is the Founder of the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art. He joined us in our Local 4 Studios to share his thoughts on Black History Month. Please watch his video and the others on Local 4's Black History Month page where community leaders talk to us candidly. Below are some quotes from George's taping.

"This month of February should be the celebration month and one way of celebrating that is through service to the community or service to others and by doing that you also become a history maker."

"I know we have many programs that occur during this month of February but I think a more purposeful effort should be made in the schools to integrate the history of African American people throughout the curriculum."

"Personally I think that the history is so important, that’s one reason I even started the N’Namdi center or the N’Namdi gallery 35 years ago. Because it’s important to know your culture and I’ve dedicated myself to present a culture through the arts because I think that is so, so important for any community but particularly the African American community."