Pizza delivery guy exposes cheap tipper online

Pizza delivery person given $10 on $1,453 bill

Photo courtesy: REDDIT
Photo courtesy: REDDIT

Note to self: In the world on social media you can't get away with being a bad tipper.

A pizza delivery man was recently tipped just $10 after delivering $1,453.95 worth of pies. He immediately took a picture of the receipt, and lousy tip, and posted it on the website Reddit.

The pizza delivery man isn't saying which restaurant he works for.

Rather than $10, experts say the employee should have pocketed 17 times that amount.

This isn't the first outrageous check that has angered the social media world.

In December, a waiter at a California lounge caused community uproar after he labeled a trio of female customers 'fat girls' on their receipt.

The employee, at Chilly D's Sports Lounge and Cameo Club Casino in Stockton, was fired after the insult, which brought the women to tears, received furious comments on the restaurant's Facebook page.

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