Labors of Love, Stressful Jobs With Low Pay

Workers Report Job Stress In New Survey

Veterinarian assistantMedian pay: $25,500% who say their job is stressful: 72.6%Dealing with sick people or pets on a day-to-day basis can be emotional and stressful. And with a national median salary of under $26,000, the financial toll can be just as steep. (iStock Image)

How stressful would you say your job is on most days? CNN Money compiled a list of 15 jobs that feature stressful work environments, without a flashy salary to ease that tension.

According to the CNN survey, 91.9 percent of restaurant kitchen managers report their jobs are very stressful. They need to keep the busy kitchen running smoothly, work with customer complaints, and deal with health inspectors. Their median salary is $38,483.

Other jobs on the list include home health care manager, 911 dispatchers, daycare directors, and vet technicians. The last job on that list includes the heartbreaking job of having to euthanize pets. You can imagine the stress involved in that situation. Nearly 80 percent of the vet technicians report high stress on the job, while their median salary is $33,768.

For each of these jobs, there are probably other benefits that make it all worthwhile. Vet technicians also get to help deliver puppies and kittens. Those days are probably a little brighter.

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