Tech and business news: Big week for retail on Wall Street, the future of Tesla, the cost of dating

Here's your latest look at business and tech headlines from Cheddar:

It’s a big week on Wall Street for some major retailers. Home depot is releasing their quarterly earnings on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Macy's, where numbers are expected to look good after a surge in online sales. And on Thursday, JC Penney, who after many struggles says its re-focusing its target to the middle-aged mom. Also reporting Thursday: Walmart and Nordstrom.

More questions over the future of Tesla. Bloomberg reports the electric car company is in talks for a major investment with Saudi wealth fund. It comes as CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to share his desire to take the company private. Tesla’s board is set to meet this week to discuss their options.

The cost of looking for love. Match.com says single Americans spend more the $1,600 a year on dating, with each date averaging $102. The highest--no surprise--was New York, with the average date coming in at just under $300. The cheapest was South Dakota, where the average date will set you back less than $40.