America's 13 favorite grocery store chains


What are America's favorite grocery stores?

Everyone has their go-to grocery store. Sometimes it's about price. Sometimes it's about selection. Sometimes it's just the closest place to your house.

Dunnhumby posted their 2019 Retailer Preference Index, ranking grocery store preference, based on a few factors:

"Data used in the statistical modeling was gathered from publicly available financial data and a customized, online survey of ~7,000 U.S. households. We used financial measures of size (grocery market share), efficiency (grocery sales per square foot), and recent growth (grocery sales growth). We used emotional measures of trust, intensity of attachment, satisfaction, and recommendation."

Primary drivers were prices, quality, digital appeal (easy ways to shop with apps), operations, convenience, discount/reward programs, and speed.

Here are the top-13:

13. The Fresh Market
12. Peapod
11. ALDI
10. Walmart
9. WinCo Foods 
8. Sprouts Farmers Market
7. Sam's Club
6. Market Basket
5. Wegmans
4. HEB
3. Amazon
2. Costco
1. Trader Joe's

The index states the highest performing stores see strong marks in value perception. 

"Most customers don’t want to feel like they are shopping an “expensive” store. However, at the same time, customers want high quality for the prices they pay. Retailers that have found out how to deliver quality where it matters most to their customers, while making focused, coordinated efforts to control pricing, win the value perception game and, as a result, deliver superior preference and performance."

Check out the full study here.

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