Ad shows Detroit is open for business

Business leaders show support for Detroit

It's not everyday someone grabs the paper and sees something positive in print about Detroit, but Sunday that changed.

A full page ad was published highlighting Detroit's bright future, and it was signed by some of the areas most respected business leaders -- Dan Gilbert, Roger Penske and Chris Ilitch just to name a few.

The ad appeared Sunday in Freep, New York Times and Washington Post.

The three companies combined have a market value of $250 billion, and the ad hopes to show the world that Detroit's major players are invested in the city and are here to stay.

The hashtag "Opportunity Detroit" lines the bottom of the page.

A slogan on the bottom of the page reveals that it was brought to readers by Gilbert's team. Gilbert has been a huge booster for the city, and he talked about the new Detroit just last week.

Even though bankruptcy stories grab most headlines in Detroit, the city is changing daily. There's new development around every corner of downtown including a new 16-story office tower that will overlook Campus Martius.

Detroit is changing for the better and now these leaders are hoping this ad will help generate more positive buzz and investment.

The positive PR in print wasn't cheap, but the hope is to get the attention of other business leaders across the country -- people who may also see the opportunity in Detroit.

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