Burger King to debut new 'Fry Burger' for $1

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In an effort to fend off McDonald's push for its dollar menu, Burger King will now offer the "French Fry Burger" for just $1.

Burger King goers will begin seeing the burger on the menu Sept. 1, and it will be sold through the fall.

With basically a standard beef patty and some of the chain's French fries on top, the new burger has 360 calories and 19 grams of fat.

The new deal is part of an offering in which the fast-food restaurant attempts to get more customers through their doors.

With some of the new deals on McDonald's Dollar Menu, Burger King has been forced to adjust their tactics to be more wallet friendly.

In addition to the new burger, Burger King has also begun offering two sandwiches for $5 and a Junior Whopper for just $1.29.

Burger King's North American sales slipped .05 percent in restaurants that have been open over a year. Whether the new strategy will work to improve that is yet to be seen.

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