Chrysler Super Bowl Ads

TV networks rearranged Super Bowl ad lineup at the last minute to accomodate longer ads

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DETROIT - Will Chrysler be able to top its last two Super Bowl ads, which grabbed the attention of Super Bowl fans and advertising insiders as well?

Ad Age is reporting Chrysler Group will return in 2013, and so will the challenges posed by Chrysler's long form (2 minute) ads that, in the past, forced the TV networks to rearrange the Super Bowl ad lineup at the last minute.

 Ad Age reported: "But in some ways the ads have harked to tradition more than they broke it.

By creating outsize commercials that feature elements rarely seen or heard in TV ads -- patriotic narration, music from Eminem, A-list actor and director Clint Eastwood -- Chrysler has seemed to be attempting to return to the days when Super Bowl ads relied less on cheap humor and more on dynamic visuals and inspiring ideas."


2011 Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" ad has been called one of the best commercials of Super Bowl XLV. It featured hip-hop artist Eminem and his comeback anthem "Lose Yourself".  The ad ends with the entertainer saying the line, "This is the Motor City, and this is what we do."

 2012  "It's halftime in America, too," said actor Clint Eastwood. "People are out of work and they're hurting."  The ad was heralded in the ad industry as an incredible follow to the "Imported from Detroit" ad in 2011. Some conservatives criticized the ads as a thinly veiled endorsement of the policies of President Obama.

 So far, details of Chrysler's Super Bowl plans are a well-protected secret. 

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