Tax advice for procrastinators

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The tax filing deadline is Tuesday and the next 24 hours may be stressful for those who still need to file theirs.

The IRS has 10 tips for procrastinators:

1. File electronically - Most taxpayers file electronically. If you haven't tried it, now is the time! The IRS has processed more than 1 billion individual tax returns safely and securely since the nationwide debut of electronic filing in 1990. In fact, 112 million people — 77 percent of all individual taxpayers — used IRS e-file last year.

2. Check the identification numbers - Carefully check identification numbers — usually Social Security numbers — for each person listed. This includes you, your spouse, dependents and persons listed in relation to claims for the Child and Dependent Care Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit. Missing, incorrect or illegible Social Security numbers can delay or reduce a tax refund.

3. Double-check your figures - If you are filing a paper return, double-check that you have correctly figured the refund or balance due.

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