Twitter tweaks app for iPhone, Android

Micro-blogging site debuts a photo-heavy profile page and an iPad app.

NEW YORK - Twitter is getting a makeover. The micro-blogging site is updating profile pages as well as mobile and iPad apps.

The biggest change --there's now a huge header image across the top. 

The photo stream has been moved up and there's a new rebuilt ipad app.

Users can also see the new look on mobile apps.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says Twitter's giving user's what they've been asking for.

He also says twitter had made a huge difference in the coverage of this election.  "The beauty of Twitter in this election is has made this a real time campaign. We no longer have to go to the pundit in the back room with you know I've talked these four people. You now get feedback immediately from across the country about exactly how everyone things about what you just said."


Old Twitter

New Twitter

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