Adopt a family this holiday season!


WARREN, Mich. – The Adopt A Family program matches families and seniors in need with individual and/or corporate sponsors who "adopt" them for the holidays.

As a sponsor for a family, you can make a cash donation or sponsor directly. 

Either way, a family in need will receive:

New clothes for each child
Toys or gift items for each child
Food for the whole family

The Adopt A Family program is unique because of the Direct Adopt option. Directly "adopting" a family in need is a personal, hands-on experience!  Direct Sponsors receive a family or senior profile and wish list. Using their information the sponsors do the shopping and deliver the items to their adoptee! Sponsors are able to indicate how many children they'd like to help and a specific geographic area and are matched to a family meeting their requests.

Get involved! 

To sponsor a family this Christmas, please contact us:
(248) 353-4862 
sign up online to be a sponsor
or email emedvinsky@voami.org