Detroit police adopt crime victims for Christmas

Homicide investigators shower victims with gifts


DETROIT – Detroit Homicide investigators went the extra mile Thursday, showering gifts on two young crime victims police "adopted" for Christmas.

Angel Nails, 18, and her cousin Darryl Nails, 11, beamed as they unwrapped their Christmas presents.

On May 13, a man entered the home of their grandmother Lenora Nails, trying to steal a $3,000 lottery ticket, which another family member had won. Lenora was shot in the head and killed. Angel was shot in the neck. When the gun jammed, the killer choked Darryl until he passed out.

Angel didn't need presents to know the homicide investigators are her friends.

"They told me from day one they wouldn't stop until they found the man who did this to me and my family," she said.

The killer is now serving life in prison. Angel and Darryl testified against him.

"One of the things that touched our hearts is that these are two young people who went through a traumatic experience," said Det. Dwayne Blackmon.

The gifts included a laptop, printer, basketball and backboard.

"For them to do something like that, I could cry. I wasn't expecting it," said Angel.

She begins college classes next January, after undergoing several operations.

"I'm still a little scared and paranoid, but I'm doing much better now. I put it in the hands of the Lord."