Detroit Receiving Hospital hosts free seminars

Free seminars on slightly embarrassing issues


Overactive bladder? Confused about your prostate? All of your, eh hem, gentlemen parts working ok? DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital will host a free health seminar on topics many people consider a bit personal.

On Wednesday, May 16 at 1 p.m., Five medical specialists will talk about common misunderstood conditions and what can be done for them. The seminar will be at the Max Fisher Hall of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra building at 3711 Woodward Ave.

Seminar topics are as follows:

Joint Pain:  Nonsurgical Solutions

You shouldn't have a hip or knee replacement unless you absolutely have to.  How do you know?  We'll tell you how many ways there are to treat joint pain WITHOUT surgery.  With Bryan Little, MD, chief of orthopaedics, Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Men's Sexual Health

There are many ways to keep things working well.  The older you get, the more you may need them.  There are simple things to do for most conditions; advanced care is available for those that may require more.  With C.B. Dhabuwala, MD, urologist, chief of urology, Harper Hutzel Hospitals.

Prostate Cancer Risk, Diagnosis and Treatment     More than two million men in the United States are survivors of prostate cancer.  Whether you're worried about developing prostate cancer, making decisions about your treatment, or trying to stay well after treatment, this is an opportunity to learn more and live better. With Richard Sarle, MD, urologist.

Preventing Kidney Stones

If you've had more than two kidney stones in your life, you should find out what to do to prevent them from coming back.  If you haven't had one yet, you'll want to know what your risk of developing them might be.   Jason Wynberg, MD, is the medical director of the DMC Kidney Stone Center.  His research is advancing the field of prevention of kidney stones. 

Overactive Bladder    How to get your bladder healthy; how to keep it that way; what to do if you don't.  With W. Britt Zimmerman, DO, urologist.

Pelvic Pain:  So Often Misdiagnosed

Pelvic pain can be caused by a number of conditions.  Diagnosing it takes a multidisciplinary approach.  The team at the DMC offers care and treatment at all the levels necessary to take on this complex problem.  If your pelvic pain has lasted more than a month, it's time to get help.  With W. Britt Zimmerman, DO, urologist.  Also on hand:  Silvia Maxwell, RN, acute care nurse practitioner, board-certified.

Free parking is available.  Refreshments, free health information and door prizes will be available. The seminar is free but please call to reserve a seat so that we have adequate refreshments:  (313) 745-2673. 

The Max Fisher Hall at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is located on Woodward Avenue between Mack and Canfield.  Complimentary valet parking is available out front, and self-parking is available on Cass Avenue, between Parsons and Davenport streets, directly behind the DSO and the Orchestra Place building.