Hamtramck student given $40,000 scholarship to attend private school

Humaira Newaz wins National Heritage Academies scholarship, hopes to attend Cranbrook Schools


HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – Thursday afternoon at Hamtramck Academy, a dream came true for eighth-grader Humaira Newaz.

She wants to attend a top-performing private high school that will prepare her for college, but her family can't afford it. 

A $40,000 scholarship to attend the private high school of her choice has changed everything.

"My heart started beating fast and my hands shaking. I knew I would start crying," said Humaira.


An honor student serving as student council president at Hamtramck Academy, Humaira won the National Heritage Academies scholarship judged on financial need, community involvement and academic achievement.

"I am so proud of all of my children, and so happy that she can now go to the school of her choice," said Ahmed Newaz, Humaira's father.

Hmaira hopes to attend Cranbrook School in the fall.


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