Christmas tree safety check list

Detroit Fire Marshal reminds residents about fire hazards of Christmas decorations


DETROIT – During the Christmas season, the City of Detroit Fire Marshal Steven P. Hurst is reminding residents about the potential fire hazards of Christmas decorations.

By following his safety check list, families can greatly reduce the risk of tree related fires this holiday season.

If you choose to buy a natural tree, look for a fresh one.

Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire than older trees. 

When purchasing a tree:

  • Make a 1 inch cut at base of tree.
  • Check tree for dryness.
  • Needles of a fresh tree will bend as opposed to breaking in half.
  • Place tree firmly in a stand with plenty of room for water.
  • Check water level daily and add if needed.
  • Keep tree at least three feet away from any space heaters.
  • Check electrical cords for wear and outlets for overloading.
  • Never leave a lighted tree unattended.
  • Don't let tree block exits or stairs.
  • Keep tree away from portable heaters and other heat sources.
  • Never use lights or electrical products to decorate a metal or aluminum tree.

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