Program offers food stamps for pets

Low-income families, food stamp recipients who qualify for program receive free pet food


DETROIT – A program called Pet Food Stamps wants to help families struggling to feed pets, reports KVIA in Las Cruces, N.M.

Low-income families and food stamp recipients who qualify for the program will receive free pet food for six months from retailer Pet Food Direct.

The program is not federally funded but rather supported by donations.

Anyone in the United States can apply to the program based out of New York.

The organization had more than 45,000 pets signed up to receive food in the past two weeks, according to program founder Marc Okon.

In order to receive help with pet food families need to verify income through an online application.

A program giving out free pet food isn't a new idea. The Michigan Humane Society has a pet food bank program where food is distributed at no charge to pet owners who qualify.

Anyone who needs temporary help to feed a pet, can visit one of the MHS's three centers for animal care to apply.

For more information on the MHS pet food bank locations click HERE.

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