GalaxE Solutions writes letter from Detroit to the world

IT company moved to Detroit from New Jersey 3 years ago

DETROIT – If you had to write a letter to the city of Detroit, what would say about the city?

IT giants GalaxE Solutions recently moved their headquarters from New Jersey to Detroit three years ago and they took on the task -- because this corporation learned they have a lot of love to share.

"I'm a transplant, I came here from New Jersey and I love this city," said Ryan Hoyle, the director of global solutions for GalaxE Solutions. "It gets such a bad image from national media and we feel it's our responsibility to show how great this place is to live, work and play."

But rather than keeping their thoughts on pen and paper, it was only fitting for the GalaxE Solutions tech-team to turn their love letter into a video.

The two-minute long segment displays images of the city, both iconic and electric.

"Love, Detroit!" -- which refers to the letter's ending salutation, promotes the limitless lifestyle, artistic, cultural and entertainment resources that are uniquely Detroit --- from Belle Isle, Campus Martius, Greektown and Mexican Town to Techno Fest to the downtown sports teams.

"We debuted 'Love, Detroit' at the Mackinac Policy Conference and the reaction was phenomenal," said Hoyle. "The video has already received thousands of hits on the web."

You might remember, GalaxE Solutions "Outsource to Detroit campaign, promoting jobs in the city. But "Love, Detroit" is different.

"This is about showcasing Detroit as a world-class city for living and leisure" said Hoyle. "It's told through the words of a personal letter from the city to a "friend"  that's saying "Come visit. It's time."

Voiced by WDET's Ann Delisi and produced by Detroit-based Skidmore studio, "Love Detroit!" features additional video footage provided by WDIV-TV Channel 4 and the Detroit Opera House.

"I lived in New York City through the 70s and 80s and witnessed that city's comeback firsthand," said Tim Bryan, chairman and CEO of GalaxE Solutions and creator of "Love, Detroit!"

"This city is realizing that same resurgence right now. We want everyone to come to Detroit and experience it for themselves. We think that once they do, they'll want to stay."

GalaxE Solutions is also taking their "Love, Detroit" message to T-shirts.

The sale of the shirts " will benefit Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, supporting job creation, training and placement programs. 

"Love Detroit" t-shirts will be available free with a donation of $10 or more via the following:

  • Goodwill Industries' flagship upscale resale stores at 41937 Ford Road in Canton, Michigan and 22451 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, Michigan
  • Goodwill Industries' Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop at 1014 Woodward Avenue in Detroit in the Compuware building
  • Visiting Goodwill Industries online at: www.goodwilldetroit.org(postage/handling charges apply)
  • Calling Goodwill at: 1-313-557-8791(postage/handling charges apply)