All-American Michigan know-how

Michigan company designs All-American Tiki Torch


NORTHVILLE, Mich. – We've been focusing on Michigan made products all week to show you how easy it is to focus on them when making your purchasing choices.

While strolling the aisles of vendors at the BUY MICHIGAN NOW FESTIVAL in Northville, I stumbled over what I thought was the most ingenious invention here. Now that's saying something, because everywhere I looked there where Michiganders doing amazing things. Cleaning products, sauces, a leash that turns into a collar for your dog ... or is it a collar that turns into a leash.

With all the rain we've been having, we are knee deep in mosquitoes. I personally have been trying to corner the market on Citronella oil and torches. Those I haven't used go back. I walked by All American Torch at the festival and though I was looking at drink dispensers. But those were mounts. And Peter Purol, a disabled veteran had come up with a contraption to turn absolutely any bottle into a Tiki torch.

He said he and his pal were sitting around venting about the dilapidated Tiki torches and how they rust shut and decided to do something about. Simple materials and good old fashioned ingenuity and they came up with the All American Torch.

About 8 bucks for the metal coupling thingy or 1 bucks for the kit to mount the whole operation to your fences. You can even buy the long, thick wicks that will last you the entire summer.

It's his first year in business. He says he's doing okay. And he's standing behind that thing you say to yourself, "Gee, I wish I had thought of that."

Complete Michigan Know How reminding me that if I need it, I should look for a Michigan-made vendor, first.


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