Back To The Bricks has a lot going on

5-day event kicks off August 13


FLINT, MI – The Back To The Bricks cruise week started with some guys reminiscing about cruising the streets of Flint back in the 50's & 60's. Now in its 9th year, the cruise has grown to one of the biggest events of the year in Southeast Michigan.

The five-day long event has a lot going on. Kickoff day is Tuesday, August 13 with a movie at US-23 Drive-In theater. It's one of only three operational drive-in theaters left in Michigan.

Wednesday and Thursday is 'The Rolling Cruise'. It's an at-will cruise over a 12-mile long stretch that starts south of Grand Blanc and proceeds through Grand Blanc Township, Burton, and into downtown Flint. Thousands of spectators will line the streets to watch thousands of classic cars cruising.

Friday it's all about downtown Flint & the collector cars. Downtown will be closed off to daily traffic so everyone can focus on those beautiful rides.

Saturday is similar to Friday in that it's focused on downtown with collector car parking only. Al Hatch, chairman & founder of Back to the Bricks

"One special feature for Saturday is that we give away 1,000 event shirts to the first 1,000 owners of collector cars showing up," says Al Hatch, chairman & founder of Back to the Bricks, "Owners start to line up at 2am in the morning to receive the coveted t-shirts and to get a prime parking spot on the 'Bricks'."

That's a lot going on right? Well, believe it or not, there's even more.

The new Billy Durant statue will go up in between David Dunbar Buick & Louis Chevrolet in downtown Flint.

Tune Up Party Week runs from August 5-10 with car shows, music, food, and free t-shirts.

There's a car-hood painting contest going on called ‘Artomotive' with the hoods being auctioned off Friday.

And new to this year is a cemetery trip to view the resting places of big Flint & automotive names.

So what's Al Hatch's favorite part of this massive, event filled week?

"All of it.  It is beyond words."

If you'd like to find out more about Back To The Bricks and all the events going on, make sure to visit www.backtothebricks.com

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