Help save Michigan Drive-Ins

Honda's "Project Drive-In" hopes to save an American institution


DETROIT – The drive-in movie -- a slice of Americana that many of us remember fondly. Growing up, one of my favorite memories of summer was going to the now-closed drive-in to catch two late night movies with my family.

Now the drive-in theaters are going the way of the VHS & 8-track tape. There's less than 400 left in the United States & after the summer months are over, there will be even fewer.

Movie studios have decided to go away from 35mm film and go full digital. Upgrading to this new format can be expensive -- upwards of $80,000. Owners don't make enough to invest in the change so drive-ins are bound to close up.

Honda has started a campaign called Project Drive-In to save these American icons.

One part of the campaign focuses on getting drive-ins the new digital projectors. Honda will be giving away 5 of these projectors to drive-ins who still haven't made the transition.

There's a number of Michigan drive-ins on the list: Danny Boy's Drive-In in Ionia, Hi-Way Drive In in Carsonville, and Cherry Bowl Drive-In in Honor.

Let's save Michigan drive-ins. Go to www.projectdrivein.com & vote to save. The top 5 vote-getters will get the digital projectors so tell your friends & family to get on there and vote as well.

There's more you can do. A fund has been set up were you can donate money that will go directly to drive-in theaters. 

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