Dog spooked by Detroit fireworks reunited with family

Kobe the dog back with his family after more than 3 months on the run

DETROIT – Only Local 4 cameras were on Detroit's east side this morning to witness a remarkable reunion. Roger Cooper and his daughter Tamia arrived at the Michigan Animal Cruelty Society at 9 a.m. Tuesday to pick up the family dog, Kobe Cooper.

"I'm ecstatic, it's my two year anniversary," said Cooper.

Tuesday the couple received an unbelievable wedding anniversary gift after being reunited with their lost dog Kobe.

Kobe has been missing for three months. He was matted and dirty and may have been walking all of this time, trying make his way back to the family home from downtown Detroit all the way out to the city's far east side.

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It was June 25th and the downtown fireworks display had just started. Cooper took his family and Kobe to watch the fireworks downtown.

People thought they heard gunshots and began a dangerous stampede through the streets. Roger was trampled, Kobe ran off.

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Local 4 met the with family the next morning, putting Kobe's photo on Local 4 News, on ClickonDetroit.com and on social media sites like Twitter.

The family sent out photos to all animal shelters hoping to find Kobe. The dog never turned up, until now.

Members of the Michigan Animal Cruelty Society on Joseph Campau called the Cooper family, telling them someone brought Kobe in.

The dog was found wandering in Detroit. Employees checked the dog with photos of Kobe provided by the family and the match was made.

"They said they just found it at Moross and I-94. Just wandering. There's no way to know for sure," said Teresa Wright with Michigan Animal Cruelty Society.

The group keeps flyers they get from every person looking for a lost pet.

The Cooper family says they'll now pay the $25 dollars to have an identification microchip placed under Kobe's skin to help find him if he ever ran off again. Veterinarians at the Michigan Animal Cruelty Society can do the simple procedure. You can see the reunion between Kobe and his family tonight on Local 4 News at 5pm.

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